How Do I Add a GeoFence

  • First you need to add a geomarker and then go to its location on the map

Full Screen View

Map View

  • Then you right click on the geomarker and select 'Add GeoFence …'

  • A box will pop up instructing you to click on the outer perimeter points of the geofence and then select ok

  • by left clicking on the map you can draw the outer points of the geofence you would like to create

  • once you select ok you will need to select the fill type and the color of the geofence - then select 'Ok' on each box

  • the geofence will then be drawn on the map - it will also appear simultaneously on all live CAD workstations on the network

  • you can use geofences to draw any type of shape on the CAD system - examples include flooded areas, hazmat zones, parade routes, etc.

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