The Symposium Advantage - What Is It and What Can It Do For You?

Symposium Technologies' story has been one of delivering outstanding performance and satisfaction to emergency service departments throughout North America. The question that many have asked us is 'how have we been able to do this'?

The secret of our success lies in the philosophy that guides all our technology, client relationship management and business practices. This section will provide you with an inside look at that philosophy and the technology that makes it all possible, and will provide a roadmap to how these same things can be made to work for your department, just as they have for many other departments across the continent.

Symposium Advantage No. 1

A verifiable track record of exceeding expectations makes Symposium a natural choice for achieving your department's dispatch, mutual aid, and interoperability goals.

  • When making any large technology purchase decision our public safety clients tell us the two most important factors to consider are implementation track record and level of client service and satisfaction.
  • It would only make sense then, that the best indicator of how well a system will perform for you and meet your needs is to see how well it performs for other agencies like yours and how well it meets the needs of those agencies.
  • It's therefore important to partner with well-established company with a solid and verifiable reputation you can trust.
  • Choosing the Symposium solution is guaranteed to you the absolute highest level of success and functionality, and our public track record proves it.
  • Symposium has a proven history of completely delivering on all the needs of our clients. We understand the needs of our clients in public safety and have worked closely with each client to achieve their individual goals, at every level.

“We’re able to provide a service that is tailored to the needs of that fire station or municipality.“

- Richard Hayes, Tillsonburg Deputy Fire Chief - Tillsonburg News, October 2008

Symposium Advantage No. 2

Allows you to choose a solution based its track record of how much freedom and control it gives clients.

  • After track record, clients mention the freedom and control to choose the technologies they integrate with as key. The Symposium solution allows you to choose and leverage any and all required information and technology, enabling them to work together seamlessly.
  • A company that tries to provide every technology component to clients limits the freedom of that client to the talents and abilities of the group of people in that company alone.
  • On the other hand, a collaborative system expands the abilities of available technologies that a client has access to - to a very large degree.
  • Embracing this fact is the foundation of the philosophy behind all of Symposium's products and client relationship systems - seamless, high-level and powerful human and technological collaboration.
  • Creating technologies that fully leverage this power is the main ingredient behind Symposium's ability to deliver such high levels of client satisfaction.

“With Symposium we were able to have one system that allowed us to tie together all our systems - alarm monitoring, station alerting, mobile data and GPS, records management. We never thought we could do this. The result was amazing.”

- Russ Lewis, Project Coordinator and Firefighter, Peabody Fire, Massachusetts

Symposium Advantage No. 3

A company with a proven track record of never surprising their clients with hidden charges.

  • Once you have decided on a system you need to pay for it. It's therefore imperative that you select a solution with transparent licensing and support costs.
  • At Symposium we know through our experience that a client relationship based on openness, trust and partnership will result in both parties receiving what is reasonable based on fairness in our shared dealings.
  • It is for this reason that all of our pricing is clear and always spelled out beforehand. There are no surprises.
  • As with our implementation track record, our track record in this area is public and open for verification as well.
  • We have never had an issue with a client over-charging or service - because we go to great lengths to let our clients know exactly what to expect and what we can deliver.

Symposium Advantage No. 4

A company that understands your data belongs to you, and makes it easy for you to use it the way you need to.

  • After a system is up and running you need to be able to access your key data and keep it up to date.
  • At Symposium we understand the data that runs your system is your data, and it's vital you're able to access it on your terms. We therefore provide systems that allow our clients to stay completely up to date, quickly and simply.
  • The Symposium system provides a simple interface that allows it to take regular updates from the customer's GIS source and load those updates into the system. All of our clients appreciate the power the system provides them in this area, and can attest to our track record of providing outstanding data services.

“We need to manage over 70 departments and response data from 2 states. Until we found a system with the data capabilities available in the Symposium system we were not able to find a system up to the task.”

- Phil Tirrell, Manager of Dispatch, South West New Hampshire Mutual Aid

Symposium Advantage No. 5

A company that understands your needs may change quickly, with a verifiable track record of ensuring clients meet that challenge.

  • After a system is up and running you also need to manage it and be capable of changing your operating rules to reflect changing requirements.
  • For many departments this often becomes one of the biggest challenges, and as such one of the biggest obstacles to the overall success of the project.
  • At Symposium we recognized this and understood that the task of administering a system is just as important as the task of emergency response and management.
  • Instead of leaving administration as an afterthought - something that a client is left to struggle with and rely on the vendor for - we have put all the tools in the hands of the user so they can get the most from the system with the least effort and time.

“Here at Niagara Falls our dispatch needs are always changing - even day to day. With the Symposium system I can manage those changes right from my desk, easily and quickly.”

- Sue Arbour, Manager of Dispatch, Niagara Falls Fire Service

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