Horizon EM Mobile Product Information

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What is the Horizon EM Mobile?

  • The Horizon EM Mobile from Symposium Technologies is the mobile data component of the Horizon EME technology platform. The EM Mobile is used to make critical map-based incident and premise data directly available in the field, putting the right information in the right hands, at the right time.
  • The EM Mobile runs wirelessly in the responding units and keeps up to date in real-time with the CAD, RMS and other integrated technologies. As info gets updated by the CAD operators it is available immediately in the trucks.

The EM Mobile is far more advanced than other mobile data applications:

  • Firstly, it provides full Two-Way communication between responding vehicles and the CAD, RMS and other systems. This means that not only does the CAD update the mobile data system with relevant information, but it also enables responding personnel to update the dispatch center as well.
  • Secondly, the EM Mobile is able to directly query the RMS and other technologies in the same way as the CAD making critical premise information available to responding personnel.

Key Capabilities of the Horizon EM Mobile

  • Provide responding personnel with instant wireless access to critical call information
  • Access in-vehicle mapping and GPS showing the location of all alarms, responding vehicles, and other features
  • Make available all important information stored in the CAD, RMS, or other systems, whenever and wherever it’s needed
  • Enable personnel to enter info from the trucks and incident scene, instantly updating the CAD, RMS and other systems

Industry-Leading Features of the EM Mobile

  • Integration with Pictometry® and Satellite Mapping
  • Complete 2-Way FIREHOUSE® RMS Interface
  • Premise Floor Plan Display
  • Messaging Between Units and Dispatch
  • Interactive Hydrant Display
  • Windshield View (Auto-Map Orientation)
  • Timers for Units and Events
  • Event Times for Selected Units
  • Ability to Run Other Programs Concurrently
  • Proven Reputation of Performance and Reliability

Horizon EM Mobile Main Mapping Screen

In this screen call locations are displayed, as well as the real time locations of responding units (providing GPS is enabled). The unit in question is able to see its own status (in this case “IN SERVICE”) as well as change its own status. The status buttons are displayed at the top with only valid ones being available for selection (like the CAD itself). As well, all the standard mapping functions are available (zooming, panning, area section, etc.).

Horizon EM Mobile Incident Information Screen

This is the main event information screen where the responding units are able to see - in real time - event information as it is added and updated by the CAD operators. In the top left all the active calls are listed. Below that is the main call information. In the top right is a list of vehicles responding to the selected call, their status and manning and in the bottom right are the event notes. The units can enter event notes for a call by using the “Add Note …” button in the top left. Once again, the unit is able to change its own status.

Horizon EM Unit Information Screen

This is the main unit info screen. Here all the active units are listed as well as their status, manning and current assignment. The vehicle crew are able to send messages between units as well as select units to track in real time (follow the units on the map so they are always visible). Most units select themselves this way so they can easily track their own progress when responding to a call.

Horizon EM RMS Information Screen

This is the main RMS info screen. This allows the vehicle crew to access – in real time – FIREHOUSE® RMS data for an incident location or other property. Through this screen any information stored in the RMS – Contacts, Building Info, Chemicals, Pre-Fire Plans, and so forth – can be accessed en route and at scene by responding personnel.

Horizon EM Pictometry® Screen

The Pictometry® view is available to departments that utilize Pictometry®, a powerful oblique aerial imagery tool that provides a scale-accurate and multi-directional bird’s eye view of addresses and premises throughout the United States and Canada. Using the EM Mobile’s integrated Pictometry viewing functions, personnel are able to get a more accurate and sophisticated picture of the incident scene before they arrive, helping them better plan their response.

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